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Cleaning additive with anti-lime formula for non-aggressive and streak-free cleaning of photovoltaic and solar cell modules  with  automatic  medium-  and low-pressure cleaning systems

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NNQ BLUE CONCENTRATED DETERGENT is an additive used for the  cleaning  of  photovoltaic and  solar  cells.  The  cleaner has been especially designed to be used in  medium-  and  low-pressure cleaning systems operating according to the one-step method. The anti-lime formula enables the use of tap water and prevents stains.


NNQ BLUE CONCENTRATED DETERGENT is free of labeling obligations and not hazardous to the environment. It is not agressive to aluminum frames, glass or plastic parts belonging to photovoltaic systems.

NNQ BLUE CONCENTRATED DETERGENT with anti-lime formula enables surfaces to dry without lime deposits or streaks after cleaning, even if hard water > 10° German degrees of water hardness  is used extra rinsing with deionized or osmosis water is no longer necessary.

pH value of applied concentration approx. 7.5.


 Medium pressure / low pressure cleaning systems

 NNQ BLUE CONCENTRATED DETERGENT is drawn into the cleaning system and added to the water jet in a concentration of 0,125% up to 1.25% depending on water hardness. Cleaning proceeds by applying the one-step method. Subsequent rinsing is not necessary.

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