Optimum Solution/ Effortless Installation/Durable Design

We do provide the best foundation for your solar power plant. Our state-of-the-art fix tilt German engineered mounting systems

areadaptable to all type of soils and weather conditions. It is a easy an a cost effective solution for utility scale projects. We do provide

both single-leg and two-leg structure with both landscape & portrait orientations.






O&M advantages  Technical advantages

Spare Parts: Minimum needs to store spare parts

Cleaning: Can be cleaned by both workers & robots 

Durability: No moving components and not risk for wear or failure 

No Mae: No schedule O&M work, totally maintenance free intenanc 

Effortless: Fast and easy assembly & module installation

Adaptable: Adjust to any type of soil, pile depths adaptation or Concrete foundation installation

Durability: Designed to last, Our structures can last

.Module types: Perfectly suitable for both 72 or 60 Cell modules with or without frames

Quality: High quality steel, Hot-dip galvanized surfaces to insure longevity with leading industry-fastening components

Low CAPEX: Lower cost, quick installation, and no maintenance

Options a Versatility:Single-leg and two-leg structure design. Module layouts of 6x12 landscape, 3x24 Portrait, or 2x24 (single-leg) with inclination angles between 10° and 35°

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