Project status: Under Development

Project Overview

Maham Energy has a 10MW project located in Ardekan, Yazd. Currently this project is under development. Is located on a 19 hectare unused land from the Bureau of Land & Environment. NNQ Energy is the turnkey EPC Company; currently the project is in final design phase an supplier acquisition.

Project Benefits

This project is in the heart of Ardekan industrial zone and the power supplied can benefit both the national grid and the local manufacturing facilities. This project will reduce the costs related to transferring power several kilometers from the power plants to manufacturing factories. Maham Energy project is also a remedy for peak-shaving and summer power shortages in that region.


Owner: Maham Energy (SPV)

Developer: Banian Sanat Persian (BSP Co.)

EPC: NNQ Energy

Project Size: 10MW

Location: Yazd Province