Project status: Commissioned

Project Overview

Ati Energy Power Plant is located inside a 600sqm warehouse in Morchekhort industry zone, Isfahan. This 4MW DG – CHP power plant has 2 parallel 2MW continues natural gas engines. The power capacity of this 4MW plant is equivalent of up to 1,500 households. 

This is a grid-connected system and all 4MW of power produced is sold on the utility grid. The project has benefited the surrounding manufacturing facilities and has reduced their blackouts in the peak of summer.

Ati Energy power plant has created a buffer for the utility operator in their peak-shaving challenges.

PPA: Ministry of  Power

Owner: Ati loleh Co.

Type: CHP – Continues Natural Gas

Developer: SGP Co.

Number Engineers: 2 continues 2MW Engineers

EPC: NNQ Energy

Project Size: 4MW