Project status: Under Constraction

Project Overview

Developed by BSP Co., this project is located 65km north of Kerman City in Kerman province. The land inquired for this 10MW project is 20 hectare. This location does provide outstanding yields do to its unique climate and elevation. The land in location is extremely rocky and ramming was not an option. To over come this issue, our German engineers developed a unique foundation for the structure to insure the project’s success and lower the investors CAPEX. This simple but efficient concrete foundation is the apex of design and execution by NNQ Energy.

Project Benefits

This project will have a macro economic effect on the local communities in the proximity of the project. Nima Energy project can reduce CO2 emissions and annually will reduce 25,000 metric ton of carbon in power generation. The project has no negative environmental impact and will reduce soil degradation in the site location for the years to come.


Owner: Nima Energy

Type: Fix Tilt Ground Mounted Stracture / Concrete Foundation

Developer: Banian Sanat Persian (BSP Co.)

CO2 Displaced: Will reduce 25,000MT (equal to 4,500 Cars annual emission)

EPC: NNQ Energy

Project Size: 10MW