Project status: Commissioned

Project Overview

Laid out on 15 hectare of unused government owned land approximately 15km north of Ardekan City in Yazd province. Pejvak Solar Park is the 2ed utility scale power plant commission in Yazd province in the beginning of 2018. This is the first project using locally manufactured substructure with 6x12 portrait orientation. This project has managed to introduce local content and suppliers to the PV field an assist in transitioning the renewable landscape in the country.BSP Co, is the leading PV developer in the country with an extensive pipeline for utility scale PV power plants. This plant was funded by foreign and domestic private equity. The PPA is signed with SATBA and 100% of the electricity produced is sold to the national grid. In addition NNQ Energy acted as an Turnkey EPC provider and constructed the plant in 4 months. This project comprised a labor force of 130 people in order to complete over 37,000 modules installed on the tense timeline.

Project Benefits

The 10-megawatt (MW) that is powered by polycrystalline modules is the pinnacle of technology and PV advancements. This PV power plant will displaced over 20,000 metric tons of CO2 annually, the equivalent of disposing over 4,000 cars off our roads annually. PV electricity has close to no impact on our ecosystem in comparison with other type of electricitygenerations. This power plant can generate enough electricity over 2,500 households


Owner: Pejvak Omran Kish (POK).

Type: Ground Mounted / Grid Connected

Developer: Banian Sanat Persian (BSP Co.)

CO2 Displaced: 20,000MT Annually

EPC: NNQ Energy

Project Size: 10MW