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Shahid Fakhrizadeh Solar Power Plant

Shahid Fakhrizadeh  Solar Power Plant

Project Overview

NNQ Energy prides itself bringing projects to far and undeveloped areas. Nika Energy project is located 80 km northeast of Shiraz in Fars Province. Constructed on 20 hectare of unused land with over 37,000 polycrystalline modules on a fix tilt mounting structure designed and produced by NNQ Energy. This utility scale project is located on an altitude of over 1580m, which do create superb climate conditions for PV power plants.

The Project was developed by BSP Co. and was commission in the summer of 2018. The PPA contract held by SATBA and all power production benefits the national power grid. NNQ Energy did execute turnkey EPC in a record setting time of 3.5 months.

Project Benefits

This project did bring jobs to undeveloped areas in Fars province and at the time of construction did have positive affect the local economy and created 140 full-time jobs for the linked of the construction. Drought has been devastating for passed 7 year at the location and Nika Energy power plant can become a remedy to lower water conservation for electricity production in Fars region. Annual CO2 displaced by this 10MW power plant is equal to 22,000MT or equivalent of taking 15,000 motorcycles off our roads. The power generated is enough for over 2,700 homes

Project status: Commissioned