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NNQ ENERGY Company (Niroo Noyan Qeshm) was established in 2015. The company is active in engineering, procurement and construction of photovoltaic (PV) and DG projects with MW output and also provides O&M services and monitoring services for power plants

Also, it should be said about this company that it has started its activities with a new look at energy at the national and regional level to further optimize the exploitation of energy and the use of renewable and clean energy sources

NNQ ENERGY company, by designing power plant facilities, has reduced greenhouse gases and prevents energy losses during the production, transmission and distribution of electricity. Our professional team is ready to achieve the best results and solutions for any type of power plant project

NNQ ENERGY cooperates with reliable domestic and international companies to speed up the development process of the renewable energy industry in the country and also has advanced technical and technological capacities to achieve the implementation of the country’s plans in the field of renewable energy production

NNQ ENERGY Company, as an EPC contractor, provides key solutions for the implementation of these projects and undertakes the responsibility of implementing the projects within a certain period and with a certain budget. While providing services, this company uses planning and preparation of engineering plans to set up a professional system provided by our talented engineers and technicians

NNQ ENERGY company is considered by creating a suitable business, by creating stable jobs in the industry and starting the local production of parts required for photovoltaic power plants (PV) by creating a production line of steel structures required for photovoltaic power plants (PV) in the country. has given and has achieved the establishment of superior production factories in Iran

This company proudly announces that it is a pioneer in the production of steel structures for solar panels with its modern equipment and has reduced the need to import metal structures required for photovoltaic (PV) power plants in Iran

 ۱۵۰trained employees are working in our company, which is in line with our goals to localize this industry and train workers in the country and in the renewable energy sector

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Office of NNQ ENERGY 

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